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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Message From CEO


I would like to personally thank you for your interest in knowing more about Soumeh Construction Company. Over 30 years of exceptional service, along with the track record of successfully  completing projects, has made the name “Soumeh” synonymous with confidence and quality in the minds of our Clients, partners, employees, and even our competitors. It is exactly this type of a brand image that creates an even more demanding responsibility for the Soumeh family to live up to their name and fame.

At Soumeh, we believe that every relationship should be looked at in terms of long term loyalty between the parties involved. That is why we not only take pride in having a large number of repeat clients, but also maintain strong long term relationships with our personnel, partners, suppliers, and sub-contractors. Our goal is to create an environment in which all participants can mutually thrive to achieve a successful project of which they can all be proud.

Our commitment to core values such as quality, safety, and environment forms the cornerstone of our business strategy, and our record in working with other companies in successful partnerships is second to none in the field. We are confident that by staying focused on the above guiding principles, we continue being the leader of the heavy construction industry, and are always eager to meet and exceed the needs of our clients with a commitment to excellence.


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Adress : 
First Floor, No.140, After 
Sohrevardi Cross,DR. Beheshti Ave., Tehran, IR

Postal Code: 1577955114

6-TF: (+98) 21 88746275


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